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Bilingual Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ

Westridge Baptist Church is blessed to serve our community in Phoenix, AZ, by offering weekly sermons, Bible study, Sunday school, and worship practices. When you join our Baptist church, you’ll be immersed in His love, guided by His light, and welcomed by a group of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to the betterment of our world. 

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Our Mission

Our Baptist church is committed to providing a safe, inviting space for all community members of Maricopa County. We are proud to have a congregation that is tolerant, kind, and warm. When we opened our doors 60 years ago, we became invested in helping our community find His light and love. Whatever you need, our church is always open to you.

Bible Study

Westridge Baptist Church offers Thursday and Sunday Bible study practices—an opportunity for our congregation to worship and serve Our Lord. Our inclusive 9:30 a.m. Sunday school teaches children the importance of fellowship, kindness, and patience, and our adult 10:40 a.m. worship service offers a chance to join together to find the light within the darkness, understand our place in the world, and experience the hope and joy that comes with believing in Him.

Bilingual Services

Our bilingual church is proud to offer Thursday and Sunday services in both English and Spanish. Our English sermons are led by Pastor Jimmie Woods, and our Spanish sermons are led by Pastor Arturo Lozano. Both pastors are excited and humbled by their calling and the opportunities they’ve had to spread His word to our exceptional congregation. Our services focus on the messages that lie within the Bible and how we can incorporate these teachings and messages within our daily lives. 

Taking the Next Step of Faith Together

The Bible uses the illustration of a race to describe the Christian life. In that race, the runner must start the race by giving their lives to Jesus Christ, but it is not only the start that counts, it's the finish! In order to be pleasing to the Lord, we must finish well. Today, many Christians are not finishing well because they have stopped taking steps toward the finish line. For whatever reason, either they have become comfortable in their Christianity or disgruntled with church, they are standing in their tracks. Regardless of how long one has been a Christian, he or she must continue to take steps toward the finish line. But we do not have to do this alone; Jesus gave us the church. The church is designed to help individual Christians make it to the finish line. Westridge focuses on helping people "Take the Next Step" toward Christ.  Let me invite you to Take Your Next Step of Faith with Westridge… Jimmie Woods, Lead Pastor 

What We Do

Vision Statement

Westridge seeks to take Jesus to the Valley of the Sun in the same ways that the early church reached her community in the book of Acts. First, the church focused on praising Jesus through large group worship and small group fellowship. Second, believers focused on equipping and mobilizing the membership to serve and to take Jesus to their neighbors. Third, the people were intentional in taking the good news of Jesus to those who had never heard. We have organized our ministries around these three emphases: Exalting the Savior, Equipping the Saints, and Evangelizing Sinners. 

Pray With Us

Westridge Baptist Church is always looking to grow our congregation. We invite you to stop into our church, listen to our riveting sermons, and join our welcoming congregation. We offer numerous service times, and can't wait to see you there!

Sunday: Praise Team Practice 9 AM
Sunday: Bible Study/Sunday School 9:30 AM
Sunday: Worship 10:40 AM
Sunday: Spanish Bible Study/Sunday School 12 PM
Sunday: Spanish Worship 1 PM
Thursday: Worship 6:30 PM